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This is what it used to look like

This is what it looks like now!!!

From first lookout site
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From same place

Red cliffs

Ghosts and remnants

Little streams fill the pits

Benches visible

Magnificent vistas

Shawn Allaire,
Manager of the
of the Atikokan Mining Attraction, and Heather Schmutzer, Chair of the Board, in front of the Cutting Edge mural

Tunnel they made to lower Finlayson Lake

Some selected articles and photographs

John at overgrown lookout site

Some selected articles and photographs

Standing, looking at the pits, quiet now, after twenty years' of naturalization is a remarkable experience. For forty years this was the site of concerted human effort, wresting iron ore from the earth with huge machinery, day and night, summer and winter. The quiet of the present site is an especially haunting aspect of viewing the pits. In the years, 1943-1972, twenty-five men lost their lives at work at the mines. Much of the current population of Atikokan have direct connections to the mines. Miners who worked there, also, in many cases, went on to work at mines all over the world (South Africa, the Yukon, the U.S., etc.) The site has great rockhounding potential, as well as being very attractive to mountain bikers and BMXers. This is one of the best kept secrets in Northwestern Ontario. Combine the historical, cultural and recreational potential of the site with the excellent fishing in the Atikokan area, and you have a definite tourist destination. Currently, none of these potentials are being made use of except by people local to the area. The site is approximately 20 minutes by car, 30 minutes by bicycle from Atikokan.

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Lakemovers mural by Heather Schmutzer

Lakemovers: was composed in 1992 from black and white photographs selected from the collection at the Atikokan Centennial Museum. The dredging operations at both Steep Rock Iron Mines and Caland Ore Mine are featured and each end is anchored by miners to emphasize the role played by the people of the Diversion and Lake Removal projects.

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